Yes, to have an account on our website, you must need to use that form and you must fill all necessary details on this form.

In the first stage when you fill the “Wholesale Registration” form and become a member on our website, your membership status is “Customer” instead of “Wholesale Customer”.

We review your company details. If you are not eligible for wholesale membership and have used incorrect information, we don’t confirm your membership as “Wholesale Customer”. So that, you can not see our products “Wholesale Prices”.

  1. You create an account on “Wholesale Registration” page.
  2. We get your all details and review these given details.
  3. If you are eligible for “Wholesale Customer” account, we change your user role from “Customer” to “Wholesale Customer”.
  4. Enjoy and start to earn money with our excellent products and prices.


You can order much more than “in stock” quantity. For this kind of orders, we produce ordered designs according to “Waiting time” on product page.

We don’t keep stock quantity informations on our other warehouse at the city center of Denizli. So that, we check the stocks in there urgently and inform you.
If the color or design are completely out of stock in both warehouse, we check our production program and inform you about production possibilities.

We are able to produce custom designs. It is enough to send us your design and let us know more detailed information about the design specifications. Our production team review your design. Then, we turn back to you with an answer including “possibilites, MOQ detail for your custom design”.

It depends on your design specification. Some designs are not suitable to weave for low quantity orders.

The reasons of that;

  • Sometimes, our actual machines layout is not suitable for producing your custom design and we need to change actual machine layout for your custom design.
  • Custom pantone color productions
  • Custom sizes different than our actual production sizes

To give more detailed information about the minimums of custom designs production, we need to see your design and we need to know design specifications. If you have any sample in your hand, it is better to decide MOQ after getting this sample.

For custom designs as jacquard or dobby style, we always produce a bit more quantity than your order quantity. Because, there may be defects on weaving process, fringe process or any other part of production. So, we want to fulfill your order at least your ordered quantity.

For example;

  1. You order 100pcs jacquard peshtemal.
  2. We produce 120pcs jacquard peshtemal.
  3. We check quality of produced products before packaging and we realize that 7pcs product has defect.
  4. We seperate these 7pcs product to 2nd quality.
  5. We ship to you 113pcs 1st quality products.
  • Woven label
  • Printed label
  • Belly band label
  • Hangtag
  1. If you have a design work for these accesories, you send it to us.
  2. We get price for these accesories according to your order quantity and we request design work from our label suppliers.
  3. They send these design artworks to us. Then, we send them to you.
  4. After you confirm the design artwork, we order the accesories.
  • Bulk packaging (10pcs, 15pcs, 20pcs in a polybag)
  • Individually packaging (1piece in a polybag)
  • Roll packaging
  • Flat packaging

We are able to embroider your logos, designs.
MOQ for embroidery is 100pcs. However, if you want to get embroidered products under this quantity, please contact us to get more detailed information.

For embroidered products order, we always send a bit more than your order quantity to embroidery company, in case there may be any defect on embroidery process. If the all products come to us without any defect, we ship all embroidered products to you.

For example;

  1. You want to get logo embroidery on peshtemal.
  2. Your order quantity is 100pcs for embroidery.
  3. We send 105pcs peshtemal to embroidery process.
  4. After getting pehtemals from embroidery process, we check quality again.
  5. We realized 3pcs peshtemal has defect because of embroidery.
  6. We ship to you 102pcs peshtemal.

Sure, you can cancel the order that you give from this website. You have 1 business day to do that. It is enough to send us an email with your order number.


You can also change your order details, company billing details, delivery adress details. You have 1 business day to do that. It is enough to send us an email with your order number.

Unfortunately, we don’t declare any amount less than real amount or hide any amount on invoice. Please do not offer anything like this.


As a “Customer” role after registering;

  1. Choose the design & color from our products
  2. Click on “Add to cart”, then you will be redirected to “Shopping Cart” page.
  3. After click on “Proceed to Checkout”, you’ll be redirected to “Checkout” page.
  4. Fill the requested informations on this page.
  5. Click on “Place order”. (You’ll not be charged for the amount on this page. After getting this sample order details, we will be in touch with you as soon as possible. )
  6. We will calculate your shipping cost and total payment amount for sample shipment.
  7. We will send you a payment link via PAYONEER.
  8. You make payment, we ship samples and provide you a tracking number.

For jacquard custom designs;

  1. You send your design as pdf or jpeg file.
  2. We work on it and prepare a digital proof.
  3. We send it to you by email.
  4. After your confirmation, we weave your custom jacquard sample in first suitable time.

For dobby style custom designs;

  1. You send your design as pdf or jpeg file.
  2. We create a design cardboard for it.
  3. We weave your custom dobby stlye sample without getting design confirmation from you in first suitable time.
  4. Then, we send you the photos of your design with the requested measurements.
  5. If you need any changes on design, we create another design cardboard for it and the sampling process starts again, till you are satisfied with the result 🙂

To get detailed information about these costs, please send us an email.


We mostly use Turkish Cotton to produce our excellent products. Sometimes, we make production from bamboo, linen and polyester.

Recently, we are getting much more “regenerated peshtemal” or “recycled peshtemal” orders from EU Countries. SO, we can produce any of our design or your custom designs from regenerated yarns or recycled yarns.

Yes, we are able to produce peshtemals, robes, throws from regenerated yarn or recycled yarn.

Unfortunately, our products are machine woven. We don’t prefer to sell machine woven products as if they were hand woven. If you want to get detailed information about this, you can send us an email. We will be happy to explain that to you 🙂

Yes, we have. Please send us an email to get our color chart.

We are working with biggest dyeing companies in Denizli. And, we use regular dyed threads. We are trying to keep all regular dyed threads in our stock. By the way, we are able ship the same color shade for your per order.

We can send you our yarn suppliers and dying companies OEKO-TEX certificates.

First of all, we are always ready to solve any kind of problem about our products and services.

If you get defected product in your shipment;

  1. Please take detailed photos for each defect on products.
  2. Send these photos to info@wholesalepeshtemal.com
  3. Please don’t forget to write your “Order number” and “Invoice number”
  4. After we check the photos and confirm them, we offer credit as much as defective products’ amount for your next order.


We ship orders from Monday to Friday. We don’t work on public holiday.

Once we ship your order, it will get there in about this long:

  • United States & Canada: We use FedEx Express and UPS, your package should arrive in 2-3 business days once shipped. Sometimes, we prefer to use DHL.
  • Australia & New Zealand: We use FedEx Express to Australia and New Zealand, your order should arrive in 4-5 business days once we ship.
  • Europe: We use UPS, DHL and TNT for the shipments to Europe. Orders usually arrive in 1-2 business days in Europe.
  • Rest of the World:
    Express: Shipment options for orders placed from the regions outside of the areas above may be relatively high priced as they go out of our special discount contracts. However, for such deliveries, UPS is preferred, and it is fully trackable. Your order will arrive in about 2-5 working days once shipped, but please contact us if you’d like to upgrade/modify your shipment preferences.

For the orders eligible Air Cargo;
We are working with freight forwarding companies to get the cheapest prices.

For the orders eligible Truck shipment;
We are working with experienced Turkish truck shipping companies.

Some countries may charge import duties or other random fees. You can get in touch with your local customs office to find out before you place your order.
We are sorry that we have no control over this and it is your responsibility to pay for any fees.

Yes, we prepare these documents according to delivery country.

Yes, we are able to ship your order to a different adress from your billing adress. It is enough to add your delivery adress details in “Checkout” page.

Yes, we are able to ship your order to your customer’s adress. We use UPS for this kind of shipments. To get more detailed information about this, please contact us.

Unfortunately, we don’t do that kind of shipment. Billing adress and delivery adress must be at the same country. To get more detailed information, please contact us.

Please take detailed photos urgently and report them to the used shipping company. In the meantime, please send these photos to us. We contact with the shipping company and we try to solve your problem as soon as possible.


Bank transfer, wire transfer, swift transfer, debit/credit cart payments via Iyzico

  • If you choose the products from directly stocks, we get full payment before shipping.
  • If we need to produce your order, we get %30 advance payment to start production. You pay the rest of total order amount before shipping.

Unfortunately, PayPal left from Turkish Market on 2016. So that, we are not able to use PayPal services to get payments. However, we are able to get payments via Iyzico that is suitable for the payments via debit or credit card (Visa & Mastercard)